Friday, July 07, 2006

‘WBW#23 Round up - BBQ Wines!’ Is down...

In record time, Joel Vincent, of ‘Vivi’s Wine Journal and of late--‘WBW-2323-175-ww.jpgThe Wine Life,’ has put together a fun and informative synopsis of some twenty-six contributors to this the twenty-third round of Wine Blogger Wednesday.

A great read with insights into the myriad world of wine bloggings’ finest and most devout posters.

Here’s what Joel of ‘Vivi’s’ had to say about the Avenue Vine WBW #23 enter:

“Winner of the most comprehensive tasting note I’ve ever seen beating out the fabled Alder of Vinography is Dave from Avenue Vine. He reviewed DUTTON-Goldfield, 2004 Russian River Zinfandel. History of the Russian River Valley, the winery, the climate, the topography, the vitals of the wine, its all there. I was looking for the BBQ pairing but before I found it my brain was full so I stopped.“

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