Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Black South African Vintners Gain Market Inroads

sablackwm-w.jpgAccording to the South African Black Vintners Alliance transformation in the wine industry has been slow, with only 1,5% of the industry vested in the hands of black owners.

The establishment of the South African Black Vintners Alliance (SABVA) aims to fast track transformation by representing the interests of the emerging black-owned wine companies and creating an enabling environment in which black-owned wineries can operate and thrive.

South Africa produces just 3.1% of the world’s wine, although wine remains one of the country's most important exports, particularly into European markets. Price competition, fluctuations in exchange rates and targeted marketing campaigns from European, Australian and American competitors means that many South African wine producers have to fight their way through an educated global market which already has access to many different wine channels and are therefore less loyal to a specific brand or wine region.

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