Monday, September 18, 2006

Wine Defined: Oaky

oakebarrls-w.jpgIt's not uncommon to hear or read about some wines as being “oaky” or “woody” and when you first start learning about wine you can get confused about what that means. Well, many wines are aged in oak barrels so it’s pretty logical that some of the taste or flavor from that barrel can become part of the wine. The key is just how much of the woody taste is the right amount. It’s the winemaker’s art to make sure all of the taste and flavor components are in the right balance. Too much can overwhelm the fruitiness; too little and the structure may seem flat or flabby. Then there’s your taste to consider…some people like woodier styled wines more than others. You can identify the oakiness generally with the taste of vanilla or nutmeg from French oak and if you notice dill, then the barrels are likely American oak.

The beauty and wonders of wine is in its many variations!

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